Advanced Megaphone System

Q: I have an error in my F8 "No such export getMegaphone in resource pma-voice"
A: You do not have our modified version of pma-voice installed here.
Q: I would like to modify the command
A: You can modify the command from the file cl_utils.lua which is not encrypted.
Q: I can't hear myself
A: The megaphone does not contain an echo, it will be active when you have people around you.
Q: My friends can't hear me through the megaphone
A: Follow our documentation on this subject here, don't forget to replace the old pma-voice parameters in the server.cfg with the new ones.
Q: I get an error (bf0fd6e56c964fcb) when restarting the script
A: You do not have to restart the script when a player is on the server. Because it uses custom meta files otherwise you would get the following error