esx_policejob Compatibility

To make the esx_policejob script compatible with the Advanced Police Grab Ped, open the configuration file of the r_grab resource and modify these two lines:

Then open the file esx_policejob/client/main.lua

  • Go to line 675 or search elseif action == 'drag' then and modify the line below TriggerServerEvent('esx_policejob:drag', GetPlayerServerId(closestPlayer)) by ExecuteCommand('+grab')

  • Search elseif action == 'put_in_vehicle' then and modify the line below TriggerServerEvent('esx_policejob:putInVehicle', GetPlayerServerId(closestPlayer)) by ExecuteCommand('+putcar')

  • To finish, delete the Thread at the line about 1565 or search for DetachEntity and delete the Thread like the gif below

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